Press play to hear the sounds of the noon time sparring at Chicago Boxing Club in Bridgeport on the South Side. Photos in this post taken by Bill Hillmann.

Chicago Boxing Club might not have the same soul that the Windy City Gym did, but it’s definitely got some.

Sam Colonna and George Hernandez the two top trainers of the two top gyms in the city. Jason Robinson (in blue) will fight for the WBC World Cruiserweight title at the end of the month. Adrian Granados far left is a top-notch prospect out of Cicero Illinois fighting next Friday at the UIC Pavilion in Chicago.

Adrian got his start boxing pretty much the same way I did, in the basement of the St. Joseph’s high school under the instruction of a Christian Brother named Brother Peter.  Though Adrian’s amateur career far surpassed mine, he became a Junior National Golden Gloves Champion and is now a professional with a record of 5 and 1 with 4 KO’s. He moved to Mexico to turn pro and was a sparring partner for Juan Manuel Marquez leading up to his World Title victory over Juan Diaz in 2009.

Adrian got some Sparring with an undefeated prospect, Russel Fiore who recently fought on ESPN during the 8 Count Fights held at the UIC Pavilion. It was an exciting bout that saw both fighters hit the canvas and ended in a Draw.

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Sparring is a complex interaction between two fighters, you are at once rivals and team mates, student and teacher, what you give you inevitably receive. Healthy sparring sessions leave you spent with at least a mild head ache and at the same time it leaves you happy, high and grateful that you’ve gotten even a little bit better. These two young prospects definitely got better that afternoon.

It’s the price you pay.


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  1. BMikeA says:

    Fantastic blog entry! I loved the photos too. It was great to find a new boxing blog today that I know I’m going to enjoy. Keep up the interesting posts!

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