David Estrada is a Journeymen of a certain pedigree. He has tested many World Champions and arguably given Andre Berto his toughest fight to date. Estrada is a true contender as well as a gatekeeper though he is not a good gatekeeper. Gatekeeper’s are meant to test undefeated rising prospects and Estrada knocks undefeated prospects out; i.e. Chris Smith and more recently Orlando Lora. Estrada doesn’t knock them out with one punch flash, rather with a grueling body assault and grinding style which end’s these prospects reign as front burner prodigies as well as their hopes to contend for a title. Since Estrada’s brutal decimation of Lora last April there’s been trouble landing another big name fight, so, in order to stay busy he took on Franklin Gonzales last Friday during the Windy City Fight Night 14 at the UIC Pavilion.

Gonzales had just enough strength and range in his awkward southpaw style to make the fight interesting.

Though Estrada soon took the helm with an overwhelming body attack which stabilized Gonzales as the fight moved to the middle rounds.

This body attack seemed like it would lead to a stoppage, though a sneaky straight right caught Gonzales flush on the chin and sent him down flat on his back.

Estrada moved in quickly with and body combination that ended with uppercuts and hooks to the head which crumbled Gonzales for the second time and he decided wisely to not rise to his feet before he was counted out by Gino Rodriguez.

There’s now talk of Estrada getting a shot at reigning WBA Champion Viacheslav Senchenko of the Ukraine, and I wouldn’t be surprised if Senchenko’s camp foolishly believes this would be a safe opportunity to test their Champion against an American contender.

There’s a myth that accompanies all great fighters. Prospects, Journeymen and Champions alike need to feed and build this myth and use it as a tool to wear on their opponents before they even enter the ring across from them. All of that mythology goes to waist on Estrada. Estrada implements his boulderish-banging style to wade through the myth, to find the truth. If the protected WBA Champion Senchenko puts his title on the line verse Estrada,  there is no doubt Estrada will soon be raising that heavy, golden-flaked, black-leather WBA title belt above his head.


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