Donovan George set to Face Librado Andrade.

The IBF Super Middleweight Title Eliminator bout between Donovan George (22-1-1,
19KOs) and Librado Andrade (30-4, 23Kos) is set to take place on December 17th in Mexico. The bout will be televised in Mexico as well as the US. Fight venue TBA.

Before Chicagoan Donovan George gets his shot at Lucian Bute’s IBF Title he’ll need to
exorcise a demon in his career. George’s sole defeat was at the hands of a big Mexican Super-Middleweight with long-arms named Francisco Sierra in 2010 on ESPN Friday Night Fights. Francisco Sierra was a last second replacement for George. Sierra came in well over the weight limit. George made a gutsy decision and chose to take the fight anyway. There’s a rule in boxing, never give up weight to a heavy-handed fighter and Sierra is a knock out artist.  George was hurt several times in the bout, knocked down then dropped again after the bell in the seventh. The fight ended in a technical decision in favor of Sierra. Six months later George obliterated undefeated-prospect Cornelius White inside of one round. It began with crackling George right-cross which floored White. George then bombarded White putting him down twice more before the bout was called. In April, George dominated Maxwell Taylor for 7 rounds before stopping him in the 8th to claim the USBA Super Middleweight title. In many ways George is resurrected. He’s riding a two fight KO streak and ranked #4 in the world by the IBF.

Enter Librado Andrade. Andrade is a big Mexican Super-Middleweight with long-arms, good power and a granite-chin. Andrade has been to the mountain-top. In 2007 he battled Mike Kessler in an action-packed title-fight—losing a unanimous decision. Many in the boxing world believe Andrade knocked out Lucian Bute in their 2008 title-fight. Bute was given 18 seconds to recover after being battered around the ring and collapsing into the corner. The bout concluded before Andrade could finish the job. Yet, in their 2009 rematch Bute devastated Andrade in the 4th round—knocking him down with a perfectly timed left cross. Later in the round Bute KO’d Andrade with a beauteous left upper-cut to the liver. Since then Andrade has been defeated by journeymen Aaron Pryor Jr. though more recently Andrade KO’d the limited Matt O’Brien.

The winner of the Donovan George Librado Andrade title eliminator will ascend to
challenge Lucian Bute for his coveted IBF world title. The definitive questions entering the contest are: at age 33, does Andrade have enough left in the tank to contend for another world title? Or, can George exorcise this sole demon in his career and defeat the only man to have a claim at beating Lucian Bute?

Tune in December 17th to find out.


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3 Responses to Donovan George set to Face Librado Andrade.

  1. Brian says:

    Andrade does have superior experience with top level boxers. However, the fact that he lost to “The Little Hawk” tells me that he is about done. Pryor never had any advanced skills, and would not have had even the limited career that he did have, were it not for his famous father. Andrade’s win over Matt O’Brien shows nothing of course. The problem is however, that Andrade can crack, and George can be hit.

    To defeat Andrade, George is going to REALLY have to increase his head movement, show a lot more angles, and stop leaning into his opponents so much. He has a world class “one -two”, but he smothers his own power half of the time. It seems that he is still expecting that KO opportunities will just present themselves, like they did for him in the amateurs. That is not going to happen in the pros, at this level.

    I think that this one will come down to George’s conditioning, which is always at 110%, coupled with his superior desire, and heart. However, I would like to see him increase his conditioning, so that it becomes a key difference when going up against an older opponent like Andrade. George went through a few rough years, and my guess is that this bout means a hell of a lot more to him than it does to Andrade. If George can stay with Andrade, and put some early hurt on him, without exposing his own chin, I think that Andrade will rapidly lose interest in taking those punches.

    I pick George, either by very late round TKO, or by pulling away in the late rounds, as Andrade starts to fade and lose interest.

  2. Coach Rick Fornuto says:

    Never underestimate a Chicago Boy……

  3. Dr. Mike McVady says:

    Coach Rick! What’s up? I’m ready for another go. You got any 45-year-old superheavies looking for a fight?

    All the best to Donovan George. This is really crazy! I don’t understand how he can be in this eliminator fight. I am not saying that he can’t win. I think he will. But, man, he has leap-frogged a lot of talented and qualified fighters to get this one.

    Donovan in 6.

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