About Bill Hillmann

Bill Hillmann is the author of the award winning, internationally acclaimed Chicago novel, The Old Neighborhood. He holds an MFA in Creative Writing from Columbia College Chicago and his writing has appeared in the Toronto Star, Washington Post and Chicago Tribune and on NPR. An acclaimed live storyteller and the creator of The Windy City Story Slam, Hillmann is also a Local 2 Construction laborer and a former Chicago Golden Gloves boxing champion. He has run with the bulls in Spain since 2005  and in July, 2014 he famously survived a near fatal goring. His highly anticipated forthcoming memoir, Mozos: A Decade Running with the Bulls of Spain,  explores how the run changed his life.


2 Responses to About Bill Hillmann

  1. jessie lorraine says:

    Bill I produce the morning show on Newstalk 1010 CFRB Toronto. Wondering if you might be available to chat about the running of the bulls with our morning show host, John Moore tomorrow at 8:15am. The interview would be around 5 minutes. Contact producer: Jessie Lorraine 416 573 2305 jessie.lorraine@bellmedia.ca

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