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Every fighter thinks of themselves as a Prospect when they start out on a career as a Professional Boxer. Some are, in the eyes of their trainers, their gym, their town or city. So very few go on to become real Contenders, and even fewer Champions. Most become Journeymen, fighters with a few loses, still following the dream while working a day job. Sometimes those Journeymen go on to become Gatekeepers, strong tests for the next generation of prospects, managers using them to see if their prospect really’s ‘got the goods’.
And almost always if they stay around long enough, or, too long, they become Opponents, fighter’s stepping through the ropes without a chance in hell of winning. Opponents inevitably get brain damage and every year a few die in the ring, though not all who die in the boxing ring are opponents, some are bright eyed prospects, others elite contenders, you just never know. The problem is almost no fighter believes they are an Opponent.
Fighters enter the ring to find out the truth about themselves, and it is there, waiting, looming, whether they’re ready for it or not. When they step through those ropes, it will whisper to them without compassion, the savage, unabridged truth.

Smokin’ Joe Frazier Tribute

To Box, is to hit and not be hit. Many in the sport fail to truly understand the art of pressure-fighting. They perceive it as a brutal style—ugly and grueling. What they are un-able to see is a nuanced, strategic, … Continue reading

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Donovan George set to Face Librado Andrade.

The IBF Super Middleweight Title Eliminator bout between Donovan George (22-1-1, 19KOs) and Librado Andrade (30-4, 23Kos) is set to take place on December 17th in Mexico. The bout will be televised in Mexico as well as the US. Fight … Continue reading

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Team Chicago:

After a long saga, with the help of my Co-host and Co-producer Luis Perez of Vocalo FM, my work on the National Golden Gloves is finally complete. This is the inagural episode of a new boxing show devoted to the … Continue reading

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Mexican-American War!!!

There’re two schools of thought when bringing up a young prospect. One is, keep thier record clean using career-opponents until they’ve at least got ten wins. The other is to throw them in the deep-end and see what happens. Adrian Granados has … Continue reading

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Blood and Glory

For several years now Bobby Hitz Promotions has been throwing boxing events at Hammond Indiana’s Horse Shoe Casino. The ring is raised in the center of their easy access, intimate theatre, dubbed The Venue.  ESPN 2’s Friday Night Fights was … Continue reading

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Don Da Bomb

Click the triangle for a Podcast on last friday’s title bout between Donovan George and Maxwell Taylor…

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Hanging Gardens

Part I Dramatics Chicago Fight Night at the Hanging Gardens Banquets this past Friday was one of the most dynamic and exhilarating professional Boxing Cards I’ve ever attended. It was the very first Pro Card independently produced by Cynthia Tolaymat … Continue reading

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